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I recently went road tripping to Kutch, Gujarat. I know what you’re thinking: road trips!! What an amazing way to explore local cultures, heritage and exotic locations. True, but it comes with its set of barriers especially when you’re exploring remote places. Dirty toilets and sweating can make it an unpleasant experience, with the feeling that you’re never quite clean. But what we never think about is the side effects of this different environment. While you can notice at first glance when the dust gets the better of your white t-shirt, for some reason we never stop to think about what sweat and other dirt does to our more intimate areas.

Why is there this taboo about talking about our intimate hygiene? I’ve always been very particular about intimate hygiene, because it is so important for our overall health and wellbeing. It’s high time women stop suffering in silence and talk about it, after all it’s an absolute necessity for being healthy.

There is little worse than feeling discomfort through a vaginal infection when you have to sit on a long-distance bus or train, except not knowing what you can do to solve it. And sadly, not many of us women actually know what to do in these situations, which usually means we leave things as they are au naturale.

As the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Maintaining intimate hygiene is not just important while travelling but also in everyday life. That means – cleaning down there is an absolute must, and we must do it properly and regularly. Soaps are too harsh for delicate areas like your vagina, so our bodies need something that is specifically made for the delicate vaginal tissue and its delicate pH balance.

There’s lots of choice out there for intimate washes, but I have been looking for an intimate hygiene wash which is more natural. I’m very careful about the products I use and I want to know that when I use a vaginal wash, it is created especially for that delicate area whether I’m using it on a normal day, or during my menstruation cycle.

I recently found exactly what I was looking for when I stumbled upon Saugella Intimate wash on one of my regular browses through Amazon (it’s also available through Saugella, Netmeds and This product has been recently launched in India and what I love is that it’s not one single wash – there are variants that have been specifically designed for women of different ages and life stages. Saugella Attiva has thyme and sage and smells amazing as well as being very handy to use especially for the women on the go or for expecting or new mom’s. There are other variants – Saugella Dermoliquido, powered with sage for daily intimate hygiene for girls’ pre-puberty as well as menopausal women. All of them are based on these natural plant extracts, and they have anti-bacterial action that lowers the risk of infection. What I didn’t realize is that this isn’t something that is new – women all over the world are using these washes, and they’re clinically proven to work. Even Gynecologists and dermatologists agree!

My Saugella wash is now a permanent feature of my travel bag because I love its creamy texture and the natural ingredients, which help keep me fresh.

So here it is girls: let’s use this platform to talk about these things. They’re important and too often we are too embarrassed to speak up and get advice where we need it. Take it from me – health and wellness is a whole-body thing and oury vaginas deserve to be looked after, whether you’re on the road or at your desk!






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