Same Bag and Shoe – 2 Timeless Looks

Classic….Timeless….Timeless ….Classic… I can never get enough of basics and classics. I love things that I can wear and use over and over and be able to style in many different ways by mixing and matching. I have never been a bog fan ” can’t Repeat my outfit’ syndrome. You should definitely wear same outfit many times over, for some fun you could style it differently ….so is the same with accessories.  If you keep everything in the classic family and style simply I feel you could never ever go wrong….

….I love trends and to be on trend but with little twist always… that’s what one’s personal style is all about…. I know it is cliched like just too cliched to say but holds true that Fashion (trends) changes with season but Style is Timeless…… I cannot agree more ….. well this statement too has become a classique …… no wonder I seem to agree….If haven’t smiled at this…. well that would mean I need to fit in a funny oneliner here…… Funny…..ya that was one word(er) ish line(er)…..

Talking about one….well I took the count to two…. I thought I should Style two classic looks and kept my shoes and bag same, to stay true to every day scenario, so  that you could practically be inspired to style and go any where, work, shopping, lunch even dinner…… kind of looks…

Let me deconstruct the looks for you .

Look 1 : Look 1 : I am a great fan of shirts  and I have just way too many in my wardrobe, this particular one I have had for 2-3 years now,  it has these beautiful tiny polka dots, I teamed the shirt with my baggy Cullote(ish) pants, and a bow tie for the fun effect  which was a gift from my blogger/Designer friend Shivangi, The bag is classic leather which you can tea with a whole lot of outfits and shoes are oxfords again my absolute favourites and timeless to say the least…. so how I put the look together…here we go….







Look 2:

I Picked a well fitted cigarette pants in grey with plaid print and teamed them with a classic T-shirt Sweater, a pop of pink on my lips for some fun and the same Purse and Shoes  . My pair of vintage looking sunnies and I was ready and steady to go….. I didn’t really go anywhere that day….just dressed up for this photo documentation…. 🙂 but I could most definitely just go any where….







I had great fun styling and shooting for you all hope you all enjoyed it too…..till next Time ciao…..

Look 1 :

Shirt : Tommy Hilfiger

Pants : Zara

Bag : Hidesign ( East India Leather Collection)

Bow Tie : Inaaya

Shoes :


Look 2 :

Sweater : Gap

Pants : Chemistry

Bag : Hidesign ( East India Leather Collection)

Sunglasses : Aldo

Shoes :

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