My favourites from Calvin Klein this season…

CK Black Jacket

I Love love love good basics….good basics are timeless and stylish and can be mixed and matched with a whole lot of garments and i would say that last many a fashion seasons….meaning they can be worn for years altogether without feeling they don’t don’t belong to fashion that season…….yay…

I went to one of my favourite destination (psssttt one of many…he hehe) , for timeless simple garments that I like how their garments feel so nice against my skin.. here are a few of my favourite from their latest collection…. I took this pictures while having fun trying them on at their trial rooms….here goes…

Crop Top and Denims Both CK
Aianaj Ck 3

Shirt CK
Aianaj Ck 2

Jacket CK

White Shirt and Denims both CK, variation of the blue shirt above…

Top CK
aianaj CK 1

Did you notice the Blue and white shirts are variations of the same shirt, the way I styled makes them look a whole lot different from each other…. It is fun styling and shopping …. I am sure you wouldn’t agree more….

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