How I Styled The White Shirt Dress – Part Trois

How to style same wardrobe essential many times over, well here is how to style The White Shirt dress in a 3rd way.

White Shirt Dress, what do I say about it. Firstly the colour white and top of it a shirt dress, how timeless can we get. If you have been following my blogs regularly you would know what a big I am of repeating clothes and repeating them in style. I am not a believer in not repeating my clothes… sustainable fashion is not just a fancy term but a way of life. It also translates into repeating clothing in your wardrobe, like always do albeit always in Style….ahem Ahem…!!

Now little something on style, it doesn’t mean over the top and shouting from the rooftops kind and no pressures on being a fashion blogger, its always good idea to keep it real and simple so as I can in anyway inspire you to try it out…. Talking about trying it out , I absolutely love the pictures you share with me about how you tried the look out , means a lot to me and inspires me to keep doing what I do.

So the same White Shirt Dress which I styled in the last post with a  dash of Layering and Monochrome, I wore the same shirt dress, just that this time I wore it like a Maxi top with jeans…. yeah simple and classic, white and Blue Jeans, and it becomes an entirely new outfit altogether.

To not take away from the classic touch and feel I wore my tan toned Dior sandals, those too I wear Often and do not just save them for one day….hahhahaaahhahah.

I accessorised with my Silver Geometrical Statement Neckpiece , Hair open , put on lipstick and I was ready to photo document and what I wore and how I styled ….. taking pictures is part of the Job Description for yours truly…. I know that you know that….but just saying…. 🙂






Like you know you can always reach out to me for your style queries on , until next time keep it stylish and have fun mixing and matching…..

Shirt Dress : Pull and Bear

Jeans : Aeropostale

Sandals : Dior











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How I Styled White Shirt Dress

White and a Shirt Dress, well what not to consider it a classic, white is ethereal and a shirt dress is timeless in every sense…. you could wear it for years and you could wear it for your day to evening look….you can go to work or go shopping….

You can wear a shirt dress anytime, every time….all the time….!!! It is one comfortable piece of garment that is a must- must have in your wardrobe. If you still don’t have one…. My recommendation is to buy one as soon as you can hit shopping mall,  or even press that button to shop online….

I have this basic shirt dress in white that I wear all the time, the fabric is cotton and crumply cotton to me gives it more character of having done some thing substantial while I wearing it….

How could I let the white shirt dress be just that….sometimes its good to leave it at that….but yours truly was in mood to add more characters to my shirt dress story to make it more interesting…..

Here goes….

I have these lovely red coloured velvet Pyjama pants ….yes yes….yes ….you thought just right… I paired my shirt dress with them…. and lo and behold….it transformed into a maxi shirt top….. there is definitely some magic in mixing and matching separates from the different sides of the style spectrum…. and It is too irresistible for me to not try and have fun…..

They matched in their perfect mismatch…..the abstract was coming together… and I a partner in crime that day my dear friend Vishu…. I raided her accessory closet and we found this gorgeous kundan statement neck piece another perfect element to take the story forward.

The wardrobe raid didn’t stop at the necklace the lipstick too pretty to not try…..  well that’s why god made friends …..hahhahhaa….. so that you could write your fashion tales…..with some (things ) borrowed…….

I put my nude Dior sandals on , tied my hair in a top knot and I was ready to have fun…..

…… until next time…… adios……!!!

Shirt Dress : Pull & Bear

Velvet Pyjama Pants : Thrifted

Sandals : Dior

Necklace : Friend’s 😉

Lipstick : Kylie


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