How I Styled The White Shirt Dress – Part Trois

How to style same wardrobe essential many times over, well here is how to style The White Shirt dress in a 3rd way.

White Shirt Dress, what do I say about it. Firstly the colour white and top of it a shirt dress, how timeless can we get. If you have been following my blogs regularly you would know what a big I am of repeating clothes and repeating them in style. I am not a believer in not repeating my clothes… sustainable fashion is not just a fancy term but a way of life. It also translates into repeating clothing in your wardrobe, like always do albeit always in Style….ahem Ahem…!!

Now little something on style, it doesn’t mean over the top and shouting from the rooftops kind and no pressures on being a fashion blogger, its always good idea to keep it real and simple so as I can in anyway inspire you to try it out…. Talking about trying it out , I absolutely love the pictures you share with me about how you tried the look out , means a lot to me and inspires me to keep doing what I do.

So the same White Shirt Dress which I styled in the last post with a  dash of Layering and Monochrome, I wore the same shirt dress, just that this time I wore it like a Maxi top with jeans…. yeah simple and classic, white and Blue Jeans, and it becomes an entirely new outfit altogether.

To not take away from the classic touch and feel I wore my tan toned Dior sandals, those too I wear Often and do not just save them for one day….hahhahaaahhahah.

I accessorised with my Silver Geometrical Statement Neckpiece , Hair open , put on lipstick and I was ready to photo document and what I wore and how I styled ….. taking pictures is part of the Job Description for yours truly…. I know that you know that….but just saying…. 🙂






Like you know you can always reach out to me for your style queries on , until next time keep it stylish and have fun mixing and matching…..

Shirt Dress : Pull and Bear

Jeans : Aeropostale

Sandals : Dior











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How I Styled My Printed Top


printed tshirt_red lipstick_style coach_aiana J_aianaj_blogger_fashion blogger_earrings_smile


A pair of jeans are the most style-able garment ever even if styleable isn’t like a word word but I couldn’t think of any other apt description for pair of good ‘ol pair of jeans. They are like your best friend, always there and older they get, snugger they get and it just helps that they are the only garment that look cooler when torn and distressed, this friendship of style goes a long long way…. it is a regular day and I picked my current favourite printed top


blogger_printed t shirt_mango jeans_earrings _fasshion blogger_red lipstick_bun_forever 21_sandals_aianaj_aiana j

I loved this top, it is basic and has a beautiful bird and wild flower motif print all over  and I just love anything that has the Indian essence to it, be it print or a traditional indian textile I have a weakness for all that. This was a gift from a dear friend who just knew that I would love it, I guess she knows me too well. The top was love at first sight and ever since I have laid my hands on this  top I have worn it whole lot of times as it is super super comfortable and a no brainer when it comes to getting ready in a jiffy wearing with a pair of jeans, shorts , skirt or a flared pant, I wear it with them all.

printed t-shirt_aianaj_fashion blogger_style coach_blogger_stylish_fashionista_red lipstick_mac lipstick_earrings_denims_mango jeans_top indian fashion blogger

I just love fish the most as a motif when it comes to accessories, these earrings were love at first sight and I picked all three colors I found and needless to say that I have always been  complimented upon wearing these lovely pair. These are so gorgeous and have a old world charm feeling to them which I totally love about them.

printed tshirt_aianaj_aiana j_style coach_blogger_fashion blogger_earrings_top indian blogger_red lipstic_mac lipstick

Nothing can take your style Q higher than a great red lipstick. Red instantly brightens a regular look but you need to choose the right red because  a non complimenting red lipstick can make you look like trying too hard to wear red types, choose the one that enhances your skin tone instead of looking like it has been imposed on you. You should be patient with trying and select the one you feel suits you the most and not pick the first one you could lay your hands on, I love my Mac reds, you can give it a try too…

printed t-shirt_red lipstick_mac lipstick_earrings_blogger_fashion blogger_style coach_mumbai

The sandals are basic with straps and could be worn with a gamut of garments. These one’s I had picked from Forever 21 which is my favourite destination to go look for fun footwear.

A pop of red and a fun accessory added just the little extra swag and took this look from everyday normal to everyday fashion statement for a casual day, you could pretty much go shopping to a dinner with friends in this it adds a dash of very simple drama just enough to keep it simple yet interesting .

Let me know if you found your red lipstick or if you have any style query at….ciao

Picture Credit: Rahul Vansh

Jeans : Mango Jeans , Lipstick: MAC, Sandals: Forever 21

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