L’oreal Professionnel SmartBond in Hair Colour Experiential

L’oreal Professionnel is one the leading brands in  haircare and you know that you love your job even more when they invite you for an experiential for their brand new ingredient for all chemical treatments to minimise the damage and make hair stronger SmartBond.  I need to start with a disclaimer that what I will write here is no way influenced by brand inviting me to experience the service.

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It was a party almost with lovely backdrop of vintage and the new Bombay the venue was the L’oreal Professionnel Academy and when I got there I met so many fellow bloggers some of whom are dear friends…. The colouring stations were assigned to each one of us and as is the essence of the very French Brand the table had my name, my picture in a beaker (in case I don’t read my name…hahahhaa) and chocolates…. a cute little badge that read #DareToTransform ….I just love it when things are personalised like this….just adds to the vibe and makes me feel good…..


I was introduced to Abhiroop who works with the L’oreal Professionnel academy and is a senior stylist. And so began the journey of hair transformation. I had highlighted  my hair pink a few months back, the pink had of course washed off, what remained was light coloured hair, Abhiroop, let’s call him Abhi here-on…. looked and touched the hair and came with a colour options book, 2-3 question answers here and there  and we both decided that ombre is a good choice….discussed and reached a decision to colour my hair in 3 shades of the 6 Number shade family of the L’oreal Professionnel Hair Colour.

Abhi suggested Amonia free colour for me..and so started the transformation of my hair. He very patiently first coloured the crown area in the darkest hue of the 3 shades. My scalp didn’t itch neither did the colour have any strong aroma….yup really!!! …..That was a major nice factor.. Apparently Abhi had added SmartBond to the colour which apparently when added to any chemical treatment on the hair reduces the damage and adds strength to hair and I guess was also part of the reason that my scalp wasn’t itchy at all during the colouring process.

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Section number 2 the middle part and section 3 the lengths and the ends…. I get pretty impatient to see results and I couldn’t wait to see how this turns out to be….. I kept My self busy chatting … (My most favourite thing to do) with everyone around… My Instagram stories were full of all the action around me…..

I could see the first hints on my selfie camera (I told you I was Impatient…hahahhahaa ) ….and I absolutely loved the first glimpse…. By the time I got my chair and Abhi started Blowdrying I was already in love with the colour……

Blow dry added to how gorgeous my hair colour turned out to be….and my hair did shine more than usual, SmartBond was indeed working….

top indian fashion blogger_indian fashion blogger_ best fashion blogger_ indian beauty blogger_ loreal smart bond


top indian fashion blogger_indian fashion blogger_ best fashion blogger_ indian beauty blogger_ loreal smart bond

So now my lovelies my hair colur is ombre and for past two weeks I just keep falling in love with my hair colour…..and have ended up inspiring a whole bunch lot of people to go Ombre……with Smart Bond added to the colour of course……!!!!! If  you have been following me on my social media…the feed is so full of my hair….like literally…

top indian fashion blogger_indian fashion blogger_ best fashion blogger_ indian beauty blogger_ loreal smart bond



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Frizzy to Non Frizzy Hair with L’oreal Professionnel Profiber

Hi My lovelies, you know what….lately,  I have been experimenting a whole lot with my hair care . I have had medium to long length of hair for a long time now and since I moved to Mumbai my hair quality has deteriorated , somehow no matter how much I love amchi Mumbai the water here doesn’t agree with my hair. Also that I am not very regular at drinking water (note to self: drink more water everyday), adds to my hair woes. Hair have become frizzy and dry and it ain’t a very good feeling you see. Leads to many a bad hair days and eventually makes me always want to bun up unless blow dried and all….

Like I mentioned above I have been experimenting with a whole lot of hair care routines and procedures. Lately I discovered the L’oreal Professionnel’s Profiber treatment. I had walked into a salon for a haircut and asked them about anything that might help my hair look and feel better and they promptly mentioned L’oreal Professionnel Profiber treatment. I was told for prolonged and better effects I need to get it done regularly. They have 3 treatments based on what kind of treatment your hair would need, Rectify (for stage 1 damaged hair), Restore (for stage 2 damaged hair) and Reconstruct (for stage 3 damaged hair) and I was suggested and treated with the Restore, After the treatment my hair softer and smelt amazing. I had to use the Profiber shampoo and the masque for the prolonged after care, which I did.

pro fiber India_loreal_aianaj_aianajsaysI went again for the second session of the treatment  after 6 weeks (which a tad bit later than suggested), this time around they had an expert from L’oreal Professionnel who had a fancy gadget to gauge the hair damage. They  magnified my hair on it and showed me how damaged it was….not a very good sight you see when you see it in a literally magnified version….and see how big was my hair problem… looking at the condition of my hair,  the expert suggested I go in for Reconstruct Treatment this time around rather than restore, which I feel was aptly diagnosed, you would just know why in a bit.

So  the treatment began with gently massaging my hair while they shampooed and applied the masque and the special concentrate. It is also a relaxing treatment , I feel nothing feels better than being pampered with a massage right, just close your eyes and just be aaahhhhhhh!!!! good feeling….right…. When I got back to my chair from the shampoo station I could already feel that my hair was soft and I couldn’t stop smelling the strands of my hair, they just smelt divine. A Blow dry later my hair looked super gorgeous , felt much softer and needless to say smelt wowie… I was advised to follow it up with the Pro Fiber shampoo and masque which I did.

My verdict is that Pro Fiber does make a difference to your hair texture , it made my frizzy hair softer. You just need to follow it up with right products and only downside is that it needs to be done after the suggested intervals, Like any other treatments the effects aren’t very long lasting having said that nothing makes you feel better than hair that feels better and smells even better…..I guess I really can’t get over the fact how my hair smells after I use the shampoo and the masque.

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