5 Ultimate Style Tips to Learn from Stylish Italian Women

Italian Women are considered Epitome of being Stylish, when it comes to style few can match up to an Stylish Italian Elegante Signora.

Think Monica Bellucci or Sophia Loren…every Italian Lady is a Fashionista in her own right…always Graceful and Well Dressed and  we can learn a thing or two…or maybe 5…from them…here we go….

1. Love Thy Heels: Stylish Italian women Love their Heels and Rock them. Italian Women believe that flats belong to beaches and trainers to the gym. Heels add to their Height and make their Walk even more ElegantHeels are Sexy ,Sexy is Stylish and they sure know how to make most of their Stilettos.

heels-style-fashion, Stylish Italian Women

2. Statement Pieces :  They understand the value of a Statement Accessory , be it their Bag, Belt, Scarf or a piece of Jewellery , a Signora would know how dress around it, neither do they overdo nor do they under do…..a Statement Piece is just a Perfect Conversation Starter and says a lot about their Style Quotient….

statement-jewellery-stylish, Stylish Italian Women

3. Right and Sexy Lingerie  : Talk with any Italian Lady and she would tell you the Importance of the Right Lingerie that Fits and Supports well & is Sexy at the same time. They get their Bras, Knickers and Spanx right, after all  looking Fashionable and Sexy starts inside out….right!!!

lingirie-fit-sexy, Stylish Italian Women, Style Coach

4. Invest in Quality Basics : A Pair of Sunglasses or a Bag or their Dresses, Italian women know how significant are good quality basics. They Mix and Match Quality Basics …..think…. Tank Tops, Shirts, Jacket,Little Black Dress, Blazer,Chic Sunglasses, Dark Denims, Red Lipstick, Cashmere Sweaters, Pencil Skirts, Fedora Hat…….

italian-style-trendy women, Stylish Italian women, Style Coach

5. Everyday is Stylish Day : Italian Women Don’t Believe in only Dressing up for Special Occasions and  they Do Not Save Their Clothes and Accessories for special days.They Celebrate Style and Fashion everyday and are always Well Turned Out. This I feel is the Best Thing that we can Learn from Italian ladies….they Live and Dress up for the moment….their Life is a Red Carpet….and they are always dressed to show up…..They Celebrate Themselves Everyday ………..

monica-sophia, Stylish Italian women, Style Coach

……Dress up like there is no tomorrow, Love Yourself and be well turned out always….these are some of the takeaways from the Stylish Italian Women….Have Fun Dressing Up

Ciao for now…and for all your style queries I am here……write to me about all your fashion and style whys and whats, your STYLE DOCTOR signing off…keep them coming……


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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend , shoes would surely come a close second. Finding the right pair almost feels like winning a lottery….right..!!!

Women just don’t ever seem to have enough pair of shoes. Let us break it down to                               7 FOOTWEAR  EVERY WOMAN MUST HAVE…… Every day BASICS to PARTY WEAR… It is time for WARDROBE CHECK again…here we go…

1. NUDE PUMPS, they match almost everything , elevate your height and look chic always. their being almost colourless makes it ideal to wear with pretty much anything. Match them with your DENIMS , DRESSES , SKIRTS or your FORMALS … they compliment every look. Just make sure that when you pick your pair they should complement your skin tone…


2. A pair of FLAT BLINGY SANDALS. They are a definite must have in your footwear collection. They can take you from morning to evening without much of an effort in footwear department. You can rock them with pretty much any garment be it a your BIKINI, SHORTS,  DRESSES,  DENIMS or INDIAN WEAR, you can pair them with any of them…


3. METALLIC HIGH HEELS. Must, Must, Must have… They spell SEXY like nothing else. They take your look a whole notch higher. Wear them with your SAREES, INDIAN SUITS, DENIMS, DRESSES, MAXIS orSHORTS.…oh boy they definitely look hot….

metallic sandals

4. A pair of WEDGE HEELS .  You can’t go SHOPPING or for a BRUNCH in your stilettoes but sometimes flats wouldn’t work either . Wedges are a GREAT DAYTIME SHOES with a NIGHT ATTITUDE and that they are comfortable, just adds to their must-must have factor…..


5. A  pair  of FLAT SANDALS in LEATHER or FAUX LEATHER. They compliment almost EVERYTHING in your EVERYDAY WARDROBE . Leather sandals are meant for those days when wish to lose track of time, laze in the grass or wander without direction or those days when you merely wish you could…..


6. A pair of BALLERINA FLATS . They spell comfort and you can do both FORMAL and CASUAL look in them. They are CLASSIC and get a pair in TAN, NUDE or BLACK to compliment all your outfits. A BRIGHT PAIR would instantly liven your                                    BASIC OUTFIT any day….take your pick…!!


7. A pair of comfortable SPORTY SHOES. Nothing spells comfort like a pair of  SNEAKERS , CONVERSE, WEDGE SNEAKERS …Sports chic….aha… Pair them with your DENIMS, DRESSES or SPORTS WEAR and get ready to have fun. You can run and reach for your rainbow in them…


If any of these are missing from your wardrobe….next time you go FOOTWEAR SHOPPING  you would know which one to pick….looking forward to all your shoe queries this is your STYLE DOCTOR signing off…..


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