3 Outfit Options for New Year’s Eve Party

It’s that time of the year already when we get ready to bid adieu to the year in style, time to reminisce things we did and we did not do… time to make resolutions and be positive that this year we would follow them, that’s another story that not all promises to self are made to kept….no one is watching so we can alway procrastinate…I guess I am not so good at motivating you right now to keep your resolutions so let me stick to what I do the best…give some style advise…

I have put together some real timeless looks for you to wear to new years eve party or for that matter any party kind of evening out. You could replicate these looks for a cocktail too, I totally believe in making your fashion work for you in way more ways than one. I have deliberately kept the look minimalist so as you can focus on having a good time instead of managing any accessories at all. Let your spirit shine and remember your smile and attitude is the best accessory and nothing ames you look or feel better.

I figured I am not that bad at motivating….hahhahha…seriously I am a firm believer in personalities , be yourself and never ever follow a trend just because everyone is following it , follow it because it suits your style and lifestyle, having said that experiment a little here and there always …..its fun….

I would be posting a party makeup that everyone can do on 31st, so stay tuned to this place. Meanwhile here are three looks I have put together for you from my wardrobe , I hope it inspires you to party in style……

Look 1

I have these God many year old Georgette wide Pants which is a classic , I paired it with aback tank and voila I have a variation for an LBD. I used a glossy tangerine Lipstick to add a pop of colour, hair natural like they are , put on a pair of heels and we are ready to party……



Look 2

Well if you have been following my blogs you do know I am big fan of designing my own clothes. So this dress a simple slip on kind in a gorgeous shade of Blue in velvet was designed by yours truly and made by friendly neighbourhood  tailor…. Velvet doest need anything else its such a statement in itself. For this look I tousled my hair in a high pony, put on dark lipstick, pair of stilettos in gold and we are all set paaarrrtttttyyyyy……





Look 3

Red dress is magical, you just have to find your tone of red and it can glam up anything. This one too is designed by me and made by the friendly neighbourhood tailor . I tied my hair in my favourite low bun, put n nude toned heels and my favourite red lipstick and we are ready for a glam night out……






All Heels : Charles & Keith

Orange Lipstick : BeYu

Wine Lipstick Loreal

Red Lipstick Mac







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Dressing Up for Fashion Week – What I wore for Lakme Fashion Week

Well yeah technically it is a late post , but who can time fashion because I am more of a classics girl. Also I hate to play by the rules when it comes to dressing-up for going  any where. I am more of a mood dresser, Believe you may not , but I never really plan my wardrobe for fashion week, never ever, I go with the flow and of course my mood that day as in what do I feel like wearing.

The perks of being a blogger also include changing at the Fashion Week if something Designer catches your fancy, yes and I am writing it out aloud that I love my job… actually is it even a job…. its my love for fashion that became my profession and needless to say I wake up everyday felling like  wanting to doing my job… I can’t thank the universe enough for culminating my fashion journey into this….

I am inspired to write the post for, I feel a lot of people who don’t go to Fashion Weeks so often feel overwhelmed with the idea of going. The number one question I get to hear from anyone I know and if they reach out to me when they are going to Fashion week is that what to wear….. My answer is always the same….whatever you feel like… because its fashion week…..

Fashion Weeks have such amazing vibes I feel , you could choose to be anyone there… you could be quirkiest or most basic, your fashion expressions are judged yet not judged. I love hanging out there and just observing people. You see all kinds, the ones who really try too hard to be cool and the ones who are really super cool…  I can’t even even describe the mood.

I would like to believe that I don’t try too hard and this post is all about that. I am sharing my outfit images from all through the week , what I wore , how I styled . I always keep it basic and about me , how I feel like , I don’t become a different person just because its Fashion Week. Trust me I even say the same sloppy jokes there…… hahahhaa…..!!!

Day 1

My friend and one of the most talented new designers Banjaaran was showcasing her Designs as she had been Chosen as one of the Grazia’s Best Upcomig Designers.  Mehandee is an amazing shoe designer who has now also launched her clothing label too, she had brought with her a Banjaaran dress for me  that I paired with my distressed jeans and my super comfy boots , with my Round sunglasses and voila I was fashion week ready. PS: I had written a Blog piece on how cool was the Banjaaran Label was, read here

BTW thats her with me and I am super happy and proud of her here and I completely loved the dress she gifted me.


Dress: Banjaaran   –  Sunnies: Ray-Ban  – Jeans : Zara  – Bag : Charles & Keith


Day 2: Sustainable Fashion Day

As I write this piece I have suddenly realised that I have super talented friends. Next on is the linen Saree by Nadiya Paar , Megha my lovely friend whose brand it is, designs these very earthy and sustainable linen Sarees that I am a big fan of, intact I did a blog piece on her Sarees and how to Drape them differently here… So in case you haven’t noticed the Bag, shoes and the sunnies remain same…. I told you I am not trying too hard kind of girl…..very basic…. because that was the mood I was in. Just threw in my favourite red lipstick and mismatched the saree with my custom made blouse….. and voila I was fashion week ready…..

Saree: Nadiya Paar –  Sun Glasses  : Ray-Ban / Luxottica  –  Watch : Fossil  –  Ring : Vasundhra –  Bag : Charles & Keith


Day 3

I wanted to cheer for one of my favourite silk saree designers at his show, Shailesh Singhania so I decided to wear one his sarees , I paired it with my stripped off shoulder top, silver jhumkis and tied my hair in a bun with a middle parting. Mind you the bag and shoes remained same….and I guess so did my red lipstick look from day before…

Top : Cover Story  –    Saree : Shailesh Singhania  – Silver Jhumki : Jaipur


Day 4

I took my White shirt dress for another spin….yeah I did , if you had been following my posts this makes it 4th way of styling it. I wore a green leather Kate Spade skirt and layered it with Organza jacket from Scotch & Soda. Well I must have been mood of sunnies change that day, so from larger round ones I shifted to smaller round ones… hahhahahha…..I must add that same shoes and bag went for another round at LFW….

White Shirt Dress : Pull & Bear   –   Skirt : Kate Spade New York   –  Jack : Sc0tch & Soda   – Watch : Fossil –   Sunnies : Fasttrack


I had been under the weather all through the week, but it was fashion week and I wouldn’t miss it for a thing , at least till I could manage my energies and health to be working for me I was pulling through. It all took toll on me and I couldn’t attend the last day , was majorly sick for about 10 days after that.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and how I styled very simple street style looks. The whole Idea to write this blog was to inspire you all to experiment a bit without loosing the essence of who you are. Fashion week or no Fashion week….have fun dressing up and never ever try to fit in ………


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