What I wore at Lakme Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks give you an excuse to go on a major OOTDing spree… I didn’t spare any reason to not do the same, I wouldn’t say I dress loud to call for attention , I like it subtle with a simple statement…..My style is being myself…..always…!!!!

At the  Lakme Fashion Week (Summer Resort 17) , this season was my ode to  Indian textiles and garments . I don’t  really plan as to what I will wear at the Fashion Week, I like to mix and match and wear whatever I am feeling like at the moment that particular day. Then there are some collaborations with designers  who are showcasing. Me being me , I  bring in my styling twist to every garment I wear….. I guess I just love being my own style coach as well….. hahahhahahaaa……so going back to my Outfit Of the Days……

OOTD Day 1 : This definitely was one such day when I just opened my cupboard and stood and picked three random pieces and put together the look. My favourite anti-fit Pants that just fit perfectly ….yeah they do….hahahhaha , hand embroidered bustier and a cotton bomber jacket and I was good to go.  It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes to get you through entire day of walking around  and I chose my very comfortable Printed brogues…..


OOTD Day 2 : I played a Muse to one of my favourite saree designers Shailesh Singhania.Front row seat called for a fun styling right. I Decided to give his beautiful Benarsee my own twist, cannot help it you see….. 😉 . My distressed Denims and peasant top became the Petticoat and the Blouse, I draped the gorgeous saree on my jeans….. Just loved his collection on the Runway and cheered on during his his show at the Runway that day. Shoes were again my trusted Rose printed brogues (who says you shouldn’t repeat……) nicely complimenting the Rose weave in the saree…..I finished my look with my round framed sunnies  and a statement neckpiece…..

OOTD Day 3: This day I had 2 outfit changes, cheering for 2 designers. First outfit was a linen dress designed by a dear friend and an upcoming designer Nishank Sainani , I loved how simple the dress was  and a perfect day time wear for a hot day, I styled it with a white shirt and a statement neckpiece. I  added a pop of colour on my lips to compliment the grey . Shoes were my patent leather Monks, again super comfortable to get me through the day….


Outfit 2: The second change was this flow(y )linen outfit that could also be worn inside out, by super talented designer Sanchita Jhulka. I have been following her work and her construction of garments is something else. She is a magician when it comes to making garments that can be worn inside out, back to front….. work of art . My twist was to keep my white shirt and statement neck piece on….How did you like how I styled it…!!

OOTD Day 4: Fashion week for me  wouldn’t have been complete without a Ka-Sha outfit,….. right….!!!!! I chose a saree from her collection fresh off the Runway, you have to see the saree to understand what a piece of gorgeousness it was. The frills added to the drama and I had random strangers walking upto me to tell me how beautiful it was. I wore it with a tasselled top from Ka-sha’s new collection and styled the saree unlike a saree , see how I draped the Pallu here. I teamed the saree with my tan  ankle length boots to give an the edgy twist. What do you think….


OOTD Day 5: Last season I was muse for the young and spunky Paridhi Jaipuria, needless to say that I fell in love with her less is more design sensibilities.She was showing on the Runway on Day 5 and I was there cheering her on, wearing a very summery shirt dress in silk linen and an interesting flowy element and blue bead detailing designed by her . As Pristine and weather appropriate it was , I styled it with my denims to give it my twist and for fun my blue reflectors and pair of Nude wedges……. how did you like it….



Let me know how you liked the looks I sported  on all five days and which one is your favourite in the comments below and stay tuned to a whole lot more stories from the Lakme fashion week……..CIAO…..



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Three of my Favourite Sunglasses this Summer

Summer fashion is quintessentially incomplete without, yeah…you guessed it right….A pair of your favourite sunglasses. Sunglasses are that one accessory that look gorgeous when Classic and Classic is  timeless. Hidesign is known for classic designs and their Sunglasses are no different. I instantly feel in love with their new range of Sunnies. I couldn’t help but share with you all my 3 absolute favourites which can be styled with pretty much any and every outfit, all through the year …umm maybe a rainy day minus the sun wouldn’t be a good idea…hehehehe….I can totally throw a joke here…you sure weren’t expecting it…Right….!!!!

So where were we, Oh yeah my favourite sunnies of course . I love timeless fashion, the pieces that you invest in once and use it for a very long time and the absolute basics are the ones I favour the most and totally suggest the same in my Style Coaching sessions  , as they can be mixed and matched with a whole lot of ensembles. My picks had such 70’s vibe to them that I couldn’t resist  and I had such fun posing in my much loved glares of the season.

1: Cat Eye SunGlasses

They totally remind me about Audrey Hepburn , oh my she oozed style and her style statement still timeless. You totally should invest in a pair of Cat Eye they take your look to another level…always…yeah you read it right …always…



aianaj_hidesign_cateye_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashionblogger


aianaj_hidesign_cateye_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashionblogger 1


aianaj_hidesign_cat eye_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashion blogger





2: Wayfarers

This is one style that you could play up and down with ease. Style and simplicity at its best you could totally wear them everywhere.








aiana j_hidesign_wayfarer_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashion blogger_maxi_boots_chic _earrings


3:  Broad Rimmed Sun Glasses

oooooo….nothing spells glamour more than a Broad Rimmed Sunnies. I Instantly fell in love the white ones and look how I loved flaunting them on a hot summer day…..ain’t they like really cool….they have such seventies vibe to them….just love them…

aianaj_hidesign_cateye_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashionblogger 3


aianaj_hidesign_white sunglasses_wide rimmed sunglasses_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashionblogger


aianaj_hidesign_wide rimmed_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashionblogger

Go on look at the world through your smart tinted pair of Sun Glasses it sure makes the world look a whole lot more cooler on a sunny sunny day…..ciao







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