Three of my Favourite Sunglasses this Summer

Summer fashion is quintessentially incomplete without, yeah…you guessed it right….A pair of your favourite sunglasses. Sunglasses are that one accessory that look gorgeous when Classic and Classic is  timeless. Hidesign is known for classic designs and their Sunglasses are no different. I instantly feel in love with their new range of Sunnies. I couldn’t help but share with you all my 3 absolute favourites which can be styled with pretty much any and every outfit, all through the year …umm maybe a rainy day minus the sun wouldn’t be a good idea…hehehehe….I can totally throw a joke here…you sure weren’t expecting it…Right….!!!!

So where were we, Oh yeah my favourite sunnies of course . I love timeless fashion, the pieces that you invest in once and use it for a very long time and the absolute basics are the ones I favour the most and totally suggest the same in my Style Coaching sessions  , as they can be mixed and matched with a whole lot of ensembles. My picks had such 70’s vibe to them that I couldn’t resist  and I had such fun posing in my much loved glares of the season.

1: Cat Eye SunGlasses

They totally remind me about Audrey Hepburn , oh my she oozed style and her style statement still timeless. You totally should invest in a pair of Cat Eye they take your look to another level…always…yeah you read it right …always…



aianaj_hidesign_cateye_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashionblogger


aianaj_hidesign_cateye_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashionblogger 1


aianaj_hidesign_cat eye_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashion blogger





2: Wayfarers

This is one style that you could play up and down with ease. Style and simplicity at its best you could totally wear them everywhere.








aiana j_hidesign_wayfarer_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashion blogger_maxi_boots_chic _earrings


3:  Broad Rimmed Sun Glasses

oooooo….nothing spells glamour more than a Broad Rimmed Sunnies. I Instantly fell in love the white ones and look how I loved flaunting them on a hot summer day…..ain’t they like really cool….they have such seventies vibe to them….just love them…

aianaj_hidesign_cateye_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashionblogger 3


aianaj_hidesign_white sunglasses_wide rimmed sunglasses_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashionblogger


aianaj_hidesign_wide rimmed_sunglasses_top indian blogger_fashionblogger

Go on look at the world through your smart tinted pair of Sun Glasses it sure makes the world look a whole lot more cooler on a sunny sunny day…..ciao







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5 Fashionable Things To Borrow from A Man’s Wardrobe…….

Let me first begin with a Heartfelt Thanks…..A Big Big Thank You for your responses and love…I am Overwhelmed with Joy…..keep them coming…..

Not that we girls have run out of fashionable ideas and stuff…. it is just that a little borrowing here and there for stylish things or style Inspiration is always welcome ain’t I right girls….:-)

Let’s raid the Boy’s Wardrobe for some style Inspirations and good thing is that we just don’t borrow their style staples  but we can  Borrow or Steal……….😉…. their stuff….lets see which are the 5 Fashionable Things To Borrow from The Man’s Wardrobes…… Here We Go….

1. Boyfriend Jeans:  If his pair of Jeans doesn’t fit you at the waist maybe it is time to go Jean Shopping…yay….besides being Super Comfortable (do you even need any other reason to wear them)……. they are Fashionable  too….Team them with a Tank or a TeeLayer them if you feel like ……it is simply Effortless Style


2. The Pant Suit : It is mostly not possible to get a right fit in an actual man’s pant suit…. you can definitely get one customised or buy them off the rack….The Pant Suit Looks Super Chic and Elegant and is almost a Substitute for a Cocktail Dress…..and that you can wear it to far many more places than a cocktail dress…..isn’t that Cool and Stylish at the same time…


3. The Shoes: Brogue or Oxford Shoes are a Definite Must Have they are Stylish and Fun…….you can style them with pretty much every garment….Be it a Dress, Jeans….Shorts….have fun styling with them all….

brogues-oxfords-women shoes-layering-jacket-stylish-trendy

4. Sunglasses & Watches :Their Aviators and their Leather StrapWatches add to the Cool Quotient….and best thing is that you can wear their’s and they can’t borrow yours…..😉


5. Shirts : That is one versatile garment that you can borrow….and  a different one at different times …style them in various ways….Pair it with Leggings or a Skater Dress and a Waist Belt over it  and you are good to go….wear his Denim Shirt like a Jacket over your tank tops…..I can do a whole post on styling them….which I guess I soon would…..


Boyfriend’s, Husband’s, Brother’s or  a Friend’s….time to raid his wardrobe…have fun experimenting…send me your pictures in them….I shall be posting mine soon……

…and for all your style queries I am here…write to your Style Doctor……Ciao…..

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