Women’s Day Celebration at Oberoi Mall

Never has been it been such wonderful times for women in history, they are being celebrated and applauded for being the nurturers, givers and doers. Not that women need a special day to be celebrated but  it is always good to have a day dedicated to celebrating Womanhood.

Women the equals in this world who have contributed sometimes silently, sometimes lovingly but always graciously , women who have stood up for the righteous , fought for what is theirs to take the inspiring role models to look upto , not just for the women but also men….. This day is a celebration of femininity and feminism.

Oberoi Mall one of the most fashionable shopping destination to shop in Mumbai was no different in applauding women and celebrating their special day. Every wednesday is earmarked as Women’s Wednesday by the mall and this wednesday it became extra special as Women’s day was on a wednesday. They ran a campaign looking for women who rose to occasion when situation challenged them and shone , we call them Women of Substance.

Women have been time and again told what to do and what not, what is expected of them and what not….  Some stars shone brighter and decided to be champions of whatever it was that was stopping them from shining, Oberoi mall selected a few women of substance who had participated in the campaign….
oberoi mall , aiana J, style coach

Rebecca Noronha took up the challenge of running her father’s elevator business when he fell ill and without any prior experience of having run a business, stood upto the challenge and came out shining.

Rachna Padia always dreamt of becoming and a Doctor , despite family opposition she stood her ground and defied everyone to become a doctor.

Pooja Jogi wanted to travel, which she did in style. She has travelled over 2 lakh Kilometers on her bike, now that is one stylish way to take the deem road literally.

They were all felicitated and applauded at a very special celebratory event organised at the mall. I was happy to see how everyday stories resonated and inspired the ones who haven’t yet taken that chance of doing whatever they always wanted to. There was sparkle in the eyes of women in the audience and I could see how these women have been inspiring them then and there.

The evening resonated the celebratory essence in the air, there were fun games that the women played won  gift vouchers from the mall….after all shopping does bring a smile on a woman’s face…….

oberoi mall , aianaj, style coach

I took the stage to sum it all up , 365 days in a year, 12 months , 52 weeks…….everyday is a women’s day , celebrate everyday and always let your Heels, Head and Standards be high…….. Because being a woman never goes out of fashion…..


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Styling White Shirt with Saree

Hola my lovelies  If you have been following my blog you would know how much I love white shirts. It is such an versatile garment that you could make it look like a new garment every time you style it differently .

This would be Part 3 in my series of how to style white shirt, Part 1 and Deux were my take on Styling them differently.

Hope you enjoy my Indian twist to it.

Besides the white shirt I am such a big big fan of Sarees …well yes…. I know that you know that….. knowing how much I go go like literally Ga-Ga over Indian textiles Silks, Chanderis , Cotton , Benarsees you just name it….. so consider this no different…. it may be same old but the twist is…( hey I ain’t twisting the fabric here…… lol) …well so the twist is in styling them differently every time you wear.

Its so much fun to mix the Traditional and contemporary … just adds another dimension to what you wear and how you wear and keeps things interesting.

I had worn a tradition silk Benarsee by Designer Shailesh Singhania before and yet again I fell In love with this gorgeous Maroon and gold saree designed by him. This one had elephant motif woven all over with beautiful gold sari detailing on the border…. I fell the traditional Indian colours are so complimenting to every skin tone and always feel celebratory and happy to wear….

Saree of-course is timeless and so is the Classic white shirt. Marrying both in style got me to wear this saree with White shirt intend of a traditional blouse. All I needed were a pair of earrings, I Chose the contemporary looking yet statement designed by Shilpa Puri.

And you know how I love photo documenting  the looks for my blog for you all…..here goes …..









Shirt: Topshop

Saree : Shailesh Singhania

Earrings : Shilpa Puri

Eyeliner – Lakme Absolute


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