Festive Dressing with BIBA

Festive season….. this time of the year brings a different vibe to it…the air has a special feel and everyone around is so much more joyous and vibrant and we just keep finding reasons to dress in our bright and beautiful indian wear. Lately I had been on shopping spree preparing for the festivals and the celebrations and indulging in some self indulgence …you see it is important right!!!!….I can come up with all sorts of excuses to shop sometimes and my excuse this time is that Diwali is around the corner…..

Mom and me went shopping , I feel mom’s make best shopping partners first because they don’t let you underspend…it is always over spending….and which girl doesn’t like to do that…..and secondly they also sponsor your shopping….hhahahhaa…I know I know……I am Financially Independent girl and all… but you see you cannot say no to mom when she wants to pay…….;-)…and thirdly they help you pick lovely things…. <3

Mom helped me pick this  beautiful orange chanderi kurta from BIBA  I fell in love with the colour and also that I can play it up and down with accessories because it has golden thread embroidery detailing on the yoke…n, I loved it as is, so when I wore it, I didn’t wear any neck accessories with it……and…. If you want to make it further dressy I would recommend a choker….


My next pick was a Fuchsia Skirt from BIBA ,   dull gold  lace detailing in gotta on the hem made it simple yet so apt for dressing for the festivals, actually this skirt can be worn with your white shirts and tank tops……

Orange and Fuchsia are match made in fashion heaven and personally one of my favourite colour combinations besides Black and White, Pink and Red, Blue and White…. and a zillion more…..hahahhahaaa……I love love colours ….I  Just love how these two colours compliment each other without overwhelming the other….


When I got dressed I felt the outfit called for a Rajput Princess look  and the quintessential Bodla , the traditional Rajasthani head gear was all it needed to keep it simple and elegant at the same time. I bought the bodla from an exhibition in Delhi and I just love how beautiful, simple yet elegant it is….I paired with my favourite pair of Kundan earrings which again was an exhibition find at Mumbai….




Feet called for ( no they didn’t literally called out…hahhahaha)…have you noticed how everything calls out to me..be it clothes or jewellery or footwear ….coming back to feet…..they called for …. golden kohlapuri chapplas that I team with literally every outfit… my Indian wear and my denims, dresses and short. I feel every Indian girl should have at least one Kohlapuri’s …If you haven’t got one here is your excuse to go shopping….well now if a style coach says….go get it….:-)





To complete the look a Chanderi Duppatta  was all I needed …… I loved these picks from BIBA…bright and beautiful….let me know how you like it…….. Happy Festivities…..wishing you all a whole lot of festive shopping sprees…..

Chanderi Kurta, Fuchsia Skirt & Dupatta : BIBA

Jwellery : Exhibitons

Kohlapuri Chappal: Thrifted

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My Top 3 Picks from Kalki Fashion’s Fusion Line


You know you are in for a treat when Indian ethnic wear has fusion stories woven in the garments. The marriage of the  Old and the New , Contemporary and Traditional  make a beautiful amalgamation of styles.   I love to give my little twist when I style the way I wear anything and Fusion just makes it all the more fun to have fun dressing up. Perks of being a blogger was is that I got to see and wear their Fusion line first straight from their workshops even before it hit there stores I Played dress up in my top 3 picks from Kalki Fashions, the brand known for ethnic wear when they launched their brand new fusion line.

Here goes my picks of  top three garments which we put it all together in a fun shoot for you all. Let us decode the looks one by one…

The quintessential dhoti is no more just the comfort wear in villages of India but in its modern avatar the Dhoti Pants. You would see dhoti pants in all three looks but still each dhoti pant different from the other in terms of drape and fall. All styled and paired with different tops and a whole new different garments.

#StyleTip : Best thing with Fusion is you could mix and match with other basics that you have and make a whole new look work for yourself.

Look 1

Think orange and gold, sleeveless Jacket  to be worn as as a top and Dhoti pants and I was in love with the outfit. Well me being me a dash of quirk is most expected . I paid them with my boots, put on a bold red lipstick and woao I loved how it all it all turned out. What do you think.


aianaj_kalki fashions _mumbai blogger _indias top fashion blogger _fusion wear _ dhoti pants _jacket _ floral shoes_ loreal lipstick _fashion blogger _style coach _ aviators 1 . jpeg





aianaj_fusionwear_kalki fashion_ indian blogger _ fashion blogger _ top indian blogger _ fashion blogger

#StyleTip : You could pair the same dhotis with a pair of ganjis and it would be so much more wearable for lesser formal occasions.


Look 2


Bandhej, uneven hemline, zip details and haremish dhoti pants plus the gold colour of pants and a very fuchsia top , there nothing to not love about this outfit. The footwear too are dressy velvet wedges with zardozi from Kalki and I felt like cindrella in shiny velvety sandals. My funky reflectors made added my dash of fun factor.



aianaj_kalki fashions _mumbai blogger _indias top fashion blogger _fusionwear _ dhoti pants _jacket _ floral shoes_ mac lipstick _fashion blogger _style coach _ high low top _ velvet sandals 2 . jpeg



aianaj_kalki fashions _mumbai blogger _indias top fashion blogger _fusionwear _ dhoti pants _jacket _ floral shoes_ loreal lipstick _fashion blogger _style coach _ high low top _ velvet sandals . jpeg



aianaj_kalki fashions _mumbai blogger _indias top fashion blogger _fusionwear _ dhoti pants _jacket _ floral shoes_ loreal lipstick _fashion blogger _style coach _ high low top _ velvet sandals1








#StyleTip : How about wearing the top over a pair of distressed denims , it would be such a cool outfit that you could wear to many many places.


Look 3

If you had to go for a summer wedding this should be it. The white silk dhoti pants and a lovely pastel shade of Green jacket it was a gorgeous gorgeous outfit loved the pleat and high low detailing. Wore a necklace as a headband and Who would think of wearing brogues with this outfit……me me me….what do you think…


aianaj_kalki fashions _mumbai blogger _indias top fashion blogger _fusion wear _ dhoti pants _ jacket _ floral shoes_ loreal lipstick _fashion blogger. jpeg







#StyleTip : Have fun with your lipsticks when wearing lighter colours, they shine all the more…


So what did you think of my top 3 fusion picks rom Kalki Fashions .

Meanwhile if you have style query you know you could write to me at stylecoachaianaj@gmail.com


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