Simple Skin Care Tips to Follow this Diwali

Hello there my lovelies … I absolutely love this time of the year …. Do you also feel the nip of the festivities in the air just like I do ?

It is the festival month and calls for celebrations galore. Playing dress-up is the part and parcel of everything festivals in our culture and it’s the time of the year when you want to look your best …… not that you don’t want to look your best any other time of the year…. hahahahha ….. It’s just that this time of the year is just so special !

I had been so busy lately that I didn’t have time to put together my wardrobe or accessories for Diwali night and all the other shenanigans that come with Diwali , parties, having guests over ,celebrations, going to people’s houses with gifts and receiving a whole lot of them when they come over . oh yes ! ….I am shameless in accepting that I love Diwali gifts and I love getting them as much as I love going shopping for Diwali gifts .

So it just so happened that I was playing dressup …. and I got into the mood of festivities and I pulled out my Indian Wear from my wardrobe and started to mix-and-match , you know that right !! that’s what I do best ……..what to do I cannot get enough of mixing and matching and I am happy to announce that all my outfits , my statement necklaces , my bangles even my sandals are ready already.

VlCC_VLCC Haldi Chandan Kit _VLCC Facial _Facial Kit _ VLCC Facial Kit

What next needs to prepped …. yeah you guessed it right… Skin ….

Our skin is our best accessory nothing can match a glowing skin. Right ain’t I.

So one of my favourites is the VLCC Haldi Chandan Facial Kit, which is a simple DIY facial kit . What I like most about it that it’s got everything from cleanser , to the massage cream , scrub and the pack….Making it so easy for me to use it plus it’s so gentle on my skin, leaving skin refreshed and healthy looking. My skin is always happy after using it .

Also very important for skin is to have a good night sleep . You have to make sure that you catch up with atlleast 6 to 7 hours of good beauty sleep so that your skin looks healthy and fresh.

Besides a good beauty sleep , always ….. always remember to take your make-up off . No matter how tired you are after a long day or a late night or feeling lazy after a plain lazy day …. just make sure you remove any trace of makeup from your face . Clean face ensures pores wouldn’t be clogged and your skin would look healthier. Also Use a good hydrating moisturiser or a serum before sleeping for a happy skin.

Also very important is to drink a lot of water . During the Diwali festival we tend to do go overboard with the whole eating out thing and eating a lot of things that you don’t usually eat everyday literally everyday. Flush it out by drinking a whole lot of water to hydrate yourself . It’s going to show on your skin and your skin is going to say thank you by looking fresh…..


Most importantly stay positive and happy. Nothing works better than being happy and a positive state of mind. Meanwhile enjoy the festivities , dress up, look beautiful , take care of your skin and let me know what you all you did this Diwali to take are of your skin.

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