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It had been a long day that day for me, It was raining and the traffic was moving at snails pace I had been on a run the whole day and in the evening I was going for a blogger meet to introduce a shopping app. I was late and apologetic, turns out everyone else was too….phew!!! wasn’t that a relief that everyone had sailed through the same traffic to reach Cafe Zoe, the venue for the meet and was equally late…I felt less guilty about it …way less guilty…hahahahaha…

I went in and was introduced to Ajit, who is a co-founder of the app and had come all the way from the UK for this. He was very enthusiastic and had an interesting story to share as to what led him to come with this app. Turns out Mrs A loves to shop only because she has her friends with her and that made online shopping a boring proposition for her. Ajit took it to himself to come up with something for Mrs and other people like her to make online shopping equally exciting for them and idea of Shop N Social was born.

I didn’t carry my iPad hence was given one to get to understand what it was. I used my Facebook profile to login, and took me a bit of while to get hang of it. It turned out when I checked with Ajit, he had missed developing the help section, which he said he would be adding in there soon. Once I got hang of how to use the app it turned out , that this could be something that would make online shopping fun.

You add your friends and ping them and tell them what you like online and they could tell you if they like it for you , virtual shopping chatting . Almost like being with your shopping buddies out for a real shopping trip. Also what I loved about the app was that it was spam free, no advertisements there…that’s definitely very good and also that it is very personal, meaning you don’t add the whole world just the specific people you would want to, that is nice.

It is available for download for iPads and androids but not iPhone yet. It would be more fun if I could use it on my iPhone  and take a virtual shopping trips out with friends while sitting in my pjs lazing at home……and we all would catch up wearing whatever we shopped while we were all together shopping together “Virtually”…..


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