International Women’s Day With Ariel

I celebrated International Women’s Day with Ariel, they treated me to this amazing movie Captain Marvel. I had a great time watching the movie and getting a few pictures at Ariel’s antigravity booth.

I am a huge super hero movie buff and when it’s a woman saving the world, (which they do in more ways than one every single day), it’s just becomes a special treat to the senses. If you have been following my blogs you would have read how impressed I was with Ariel’s new campaign #ShareTheLoad, It’s all about dividing the chores, starting from the laundry at home.

Captain Marvel is a good watch and it’s all about never giving up and not even for a moment do you feel when you watch the movie that the protagonist feels and less just because she is a woman, In fact her character is inspiring wherein she finds, all the strength and power that she needed was always within her. Similarly we women are super heroes without any super powers, we are super heroes because we are strong and often the glue that holds the family together.

When we aren’t multitasking our home and work we are still figuring out ways to make life comfortable for everyone around us. I feel it’s time the whole family starts pitching in and make life comfortable for everyone in the house, that way the lady of the house isn’t the only one who is always running around and doing all the chores in the house.

Laundry everyday, is one of the most important household chore, imagine if it isn’t done regularly, you would always be running out of basic clothes to wear, with the washing machines it’s become simple to do laundry, but it doesn’t mean it’s not an important chore. Wouldn’t it nice if the men in the family start helping us out with doing this simple chore and take if from there, after all we women maybe super women but every once in a while every super hero needs a team that is helping them…… let us all #ShareTheLoad and make this world eventually a better place …..yes for every woman who has a supportive family there is happiness  and all the families together make all the happy people in the world…

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3 Street Style Trends I Saw When I went to Thailand

I went to Thailand for the first time last month  and boy it sure is a beautiful country and I need to go explore more of it. Thailand is also famous for its beautiful beaches , food and fashion. Bangkok is famous for shopping for most budgets . I didn’t play a typical tourist instead soaked in the vibes and walked the streets to experience the local street culture and the street style. I couldn’t help notice certain trends that were cool and amazing on the streets and can be an inspiration for your streetstyle.

Trend 1 : White T-Shirt Many Ways

Thai girls sure knew how to make one basic wardrobe work in more ways than one making that one piece of clothing versatile and definitely sustainable and If you are following my blog you would know how much I like to wear one garment many ways. I noticed that they styled the basic white tee with pretty much everything you name. They had teamed it with their skirts, jeans , Under their dresses , with their shorts , layered the tee , wore it like a dress . So if you have ditched your basic white tee for a while time to get it out of the pile and start having fun with it.

Trend 2: Dad Sneakers

There was a time when daddies wore these big sneakers that weren’t a fashion turn on but these have made a major fashion comeback and  the Thai are just sporting it in style. Dad Sneakers 2.0 are statement and almost a wardrobe must have if you love the idea of wearing the shoes that everyone notices. I saw this trend being sported everywhere there and boy I sure was noticing all those shoes. A fashion Must have this season is definitely the Dad sneakers ….

Trend 3. Mom Jeans

The high waisted mom jeans had a major street cred in terms of style in Thailand , In-fact the white tee, dad sneakers and Mom jeans were a major thing together . And if you haven’t tried this denim style yet , be inspired by the Thai to give it a try ,for I definitely give it a Thumbs Up . This style is here to stay and was fashionable back in time and has made a fashionable comeback . It should take your street style game a notch up

Isn’t it funny and ironic both that mom and dad styles are high on fashion meter.  Just saying !!!

Picture Credit Google

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