I Tried The Very “COOL” Cryotherapy

Hi there my lovelies…., so last week I tried the very COOL , Cryotherapy, so what Is that right….. to be honest before that day I didn’t know a thing about it and now I can’t wait to get more of it.

I wanted to share my experience with all of you and tell you all about all the cool things I have been doing these days. I am in that phase of life where I am trying to get things off my bucket list and adding new  to do things every other day…that way my bucket remains just the same number…hahahhahaha,treats some number game there where numbers move yet not move….quirky me…. so  basically all i am trying to say is that trying new things is now at Numero Uno on the bucket list.

I Got an Invite to try something called Cryotherapy …!!!! well…..well…. I didn’t know a thing about it…I looked upon the link that got sent with the Invite and all that captured my imagination was very Science Fiction like chamber and a guy in it…I thought it was cool and busy me had a Jam packed day the next day so I had to move my schedule around a bit to go see the chamber and what was it all about.

I had been too tied up to look it up on the internet well on a lighter note I had all the time to keep looking at Instagrams and Pinterest’s of the world…well aren’t we like super busy and yet squeeze in a moment to Facebook or Insta….Let’s get back to my day after the social media philosophical mutterings… so after a very hectic first half of the day I reached The Alchemy, a Health and Sports facility right on the very beautiful Queen’s necklace in Mumbai.

So, the first thing after I reached there, I asked was where was the chamber I have to see it and what is Cryotherapy. I was so curious to know about the very science like name…

Then I was Introduced to Neville Wadia and Jhon Golster, while former is Celebrity trainer for Ranbir Kapoor and has also trained Alia Bhatt and Helped Farhan Akhtar build his body for Bhag Milkha besides many other Bollywood A listers and Later has been a Physiotherapist for the Indian Cricket team and now is a team physio for Rajasthan Royals.and is head of physiotherapy at The Alchemist.

They both took me around the place and first showed me a very robotic like Local Cryotherapy Machine, which I was told is used for local Cryotherapy sessions ( a particular affected area of body) and facials……oooooooooo did Neville just say facials , yes he did. He told me that very  cold nitrogen when used for facials is used to stimulate the skin to produce natural collagen , which in turn reduces the pore size and makes the skin glow. Wowie , so nothing injected in your skin to make it look fresh and youthful, awesome. Also the same machine is used for local pain relied like knees or ankles or shoulders. That sounded cool to me, but I still hadn’t seen the chamber, where was it…

I guess Neville figured out what yours truly was eager to see and took me to the next treatment room…and lo and behold there it was…  a huge cylinder with Nitrogen written on it and huge cylindrical chamber open from the top, this is where the whole body Cryotherapy happens. Jhon told me that it was quiet popular amongst the soccer players who straight after the match use this machine to rejuvenate their muscles and body….wowie and The Alchemy is the first to bring in India. I would be one of the first few people

I was now a little too excited to check it out, I have had chronic pain in my neck and ankle and anything that would help any pain go away sounds too cool (literally) . I was game. They gave me a cotton robe to wear and woollen socks right unto my knee…I still didn’t know what was going to happen, but you see trying new things is from now on my thing to do…so I had to totally try it out. Also that Ranbir Kapoor had just tried it out like an hour before I did, so all the cool people in the world…read here Ranbir and me….hahahhahahha….were trying the therapy out.

aianaj_cryotherapy_aianajsays_the alchemy_neville wadia_mumbai_fashion blogger_indian blogger_Indian lifestyle blogger_surprised face_ranbir kapoor


I got into the chamber and there was smoke like thing around me, you see the kind of fumes that come off ice…ya that exact kind. I was In a chamber with a temperature of -130 degrees…yeah you read it right. I was told to keep hands on my cheeks and head up and move in the chamber so as to make the chill bearable. Now I know why they gave me those socks, I would have frozen otherwise…Well 3 Minutes in there were like 10 minutes for me , I shivered a bit, but It was all okay.

aianaj_chryotherapy_aianajsays_the alchemy_neville wadia_mumbai_fashion blogger_indian blogger_Indian lifestyle blogger_surprised face 1


I came out and all I could feel was that my legs and thighs were a bit cold. I dint know what happened I didn’t immediately feel any change. By the time I changed and I came out I was saying jokes and was feeling energetic, mind you I have had a very long day and I had to go for a designer’s event later that night, I will come back to why I am telling you this now….

aianaj_cryotherapy_aianajsays_the alchemy_neville wadia_mumbai_fashion blogger_indian blogger_Indian lifestyle blogger_surprised face

My shoulder and neck area is always a bit tensed and I felt it had eased out so was my ankle not in pain which is a every time thing for me. I was fresh and happy, turns out that therapy lifts your mood too. The three minutes inside makes you loose 800 calories I guess that is another added plus actually a big plus….

Later that night I had another event to attend and I was super fresh and pain free.I had share this with all of you and tell you about it rejuvenated me. I am now eager to try it again and definitely try the facial. Btw I have to tell you that Neville has the shiniest skin possible I wonder If gets some Cryo Facials done….. 🙂

Okay now… If Cryotherapy is on your bucket list as well…look no further The Alchemy has decided to partner with me and give away same experience to lucky two of you…yeah aint’t it like super cool..all you have to do is follow The Alchemy on twitter Here and Instagram Here and my Instagram Here and mention in the comments below at the end of this page as to why would you love to try out Cryotherapy… The Giveaway closes on 15th August…..waiting for all your cool responses…… 🙂



aianaj_chryotherapy_aianajsays_the alchemy_neville wadia_mumbai_fashion blogger_indian blogger_Indian lifestyle blogger_surprised face

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