Raasleela – Redefining Sustainable Fashion

I’m a huge fan of the concept of sustainable fashion and homegrown clothing brands. It was meeting  a friend who had a beautiful handsewn Kedia which I borrowed to style it with my Linen saree at the fashion week that I discovered Raasleela Textile an unique sustainable fashion brand. Imagine taking a fabric and not dying  it ,  using hands to sew it and create beautiful garments.

I cannot even begin to tell how impressed I was with Raasleela Textile. Every garment  hundred percent handstitched without using any machine, dye-free & bleach-free fabrics, in order to provide completely eco friendly clothing option to the consumer. All the fabrics they use are unprocessed – Raw/Kora/Greige.make seasonless friendless styles and garments they don’t follow fashion so they are never out of fashion how beautiful is this concept of sustainability in fashion imbibe in the very essence of the DNA of Raasleela.

Hetal Shrivastav is a graduate from NIFT Gandhinagar and her work in Kutch and Patan Inspired her to launch a label which was both  a tribute  and inspiration to her roots , Gujarat. She says she, was inspired by the indigenous clothing of Gujarat and their hand stitching techniques. Hence Raasleela was born.

The outfits are simple and beautiful , each one has  unique detailing. The outfit tag is also hand embroidered so beautifully and is a part of the design on the outside of garment instead of being inside. The outfits are modern and a lot of them multifunctional in terms of how you can style them and they are made with traditional techniques. The fabric feels so nice against the skin and I got asked where did I get this from whenever, I have worn a Raasleela Garment.

I decided to celebrate Raasleela in a way only a blogger can, by telling the whole world about it. Let me know how you feel about the concept and the garments. If you want to look them up click here….


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Credits :

Hair and Makeup : Awantica Khanna

Photo : Ridge Fernandes


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Christmas Inspired Makeup – Christmas Rhapsody by Clint Fernandes

Now where do I start this Christmas story……Let me start when Clint Fernandes who is one of the leading Makeup Artists and in the country called means said he has a mood board in his mind and it’s all about Christmas and Fantasy and a Reality Twist of the same and he wanted me to be his other Muse, I was jumping with joy …. I knew this would be something really special. I had collaborated with Clint Previously for another project of his where-in he did a story on Lips , Lipstick shades and styles of previous decades, I was his Muse for 1940’s and 1990’s, , thats’s when I experienced his love and mastery of his chosen art.

Clint has had an idea for a while where in he wanted to create fantasy looks with Christmas and channel his creative experience to create something that is so close to his Art. He has been creating these makeup stories as he wants to reach wider audience through social media and also his way of wanting to give back to the industry that has given him so much……

Christmas Rhapsody is a very very special project , it is his expression of makeup trends with Christmas as a theme. Leading Model Sucheta James was his his Muse for the Fantasy chapter and I was his muse for the Glamorous reality . He created 5 different looks and every look has two versions. I just couldn’t wait to show it to the world….. so ready set go…  Also see the Details on Clint’s Facebook page Here

Look 1 Doll



Eyes – Chanel : Candeur 268 ET Experience & 95 Sarkling Satin / Nars : Bali / Clinique  : High Impact Mascara 01 Black

Cheeks – Clinique : Cheek Pop – 03 Berry Pop / Smash Box : Spotlight Pallete Gold

Lips : Kryolan Lip Satin – Gospel / Lakme Gloss in Pink


Look 2 Snow



Eyes – Chanel : Candeur 268 ET Experience & 95 Sarkling Satin / Nars : Bali / Clinique  : High Impact Mascara 01 Black

Cheeks – Clinique : Cheek Pop – 03 Berry Pop / Smash Box : Spotlight Pallete Gold

Lips : Kryolan Lip Satin – Rock / Lakme Gloss in Red


Look 3 Star


Eyes –  Revlon : Illuminace Creme Shadow -711 Black Magic / Nars : Kathmandu / Clinique  : High Impact Mascara 01 Black

Cheeks – Chanel : 53 Turbulent / Smash Box : Spotlight Pallete Gold

Lips : Chanel : 400- Louise /  Silver Glitter



Look 4 Holly Leaves 


Eyes – Urban Decay: Electric Eyeshadow Pallete Greens/ Clinique  : High Impact Mascara 01 Black

Cheeks – Chanel : 53 Turbulent / Smash Box : Spotlight Pallete Gold

Lips : Kryolan Lip Satin – Gospel  / Lakme Gloss in Pink


Look 5 Gold



…… Part 2 of the Christmas Rhapsody to follow soon…..










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