Why Do We Need Sun Screen ?

Let’s understand while I review Dermafique’s Soliel Defense Sun Care Range

Did you know that you need sun protection in all seasons and not just summers when we assume the sun is most visible and seemingly warmer. I am going to talk about why we need sunscreen and my new favourite sunscreen in this blog.

Summer, winter, rain or shine, never underestimate damage the sun can cause to your skin. I keep harping upon the importance of sun protection so much so that I have been called sunscreen police often on my social accounts. The reason I am known as Sunscreen police is because I learnt the lesson the hard way, but then they say it’s never too late to learn. So now I make sure I shout from rooftops about the importance of wearing sunscreen every day. Be it indoors or outdoors, wearing sunscreen is non-negotiable for me.

I developed melasma, also known as hyperpigmentation, due to sun exposure without protection. Which means I have these dark patches on my cheek ( you can get hyper pigmentation on any part of your face , I have them on my cheeks ) and getting rid of them is a long, tedious, consistent skincare process and it’s a work in progress for me. Religious use of sunscreen is a part of that process to not worsen the situation. I have been looking after my skin and since then haven’t got any new patches. 

Now we know sun exposure can damage skin, let me quickly explain how. Sunlight travels as both invisible and visible rays, UV rays being one of those. These are both short and long wavelength rays; longer UV Rays are known as UVA and shorter ones are known as UVB rays.

Overexposure to UVB rays causes sunburn, UVA rays can travel further deeper into the skin affecting skin appearance. Over a period of time it tends to make skin less elastic, causes hyperpigmentation and can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. The amount of sun exposure is directly proportional to skin aging.

Our bodies are resilient and the outer layer of our skin contains a pigment called melanin that protects us from the sun’s UV rays and that’s the reason we develop a tan whenever we spend a long time in the sun, unprotected. It’s not only Melanin that we need protection from, we need to also wear sunscreen during the day to provide us with enough protection from sun damage. This is where a good sunscreen comes in handy. Ideally SPF 30 should be able to protect from both UVB and UVA rays (Broad Spectrum ) which should be reapplied every 2-3 hours, especially when outdoors, between 9am- 4pm approximately, for it to be most effective. 

I have observed a lot of people wear sunscreen only when they step outdoors, but we need to wear sunscreen even while we are indoors as the sun rays travel through the window too right? You may not need frequent reapplication but you definitely need to apply sunscreen, even when you are indoors. 

I have tried many sunscreens over the past few years as a part of my job. And today I would like to share my views on a new sunscreen in town which I’m impressed by. 

Dermafique Soliel Defense Sunscreen

Dermafique has launched a new sunscreen range, the ‘Soleil Defense Sunscreen Range’ which has Full Light Technology that targets 360° Sun Spectrum, to shield the skin from the solar aggression of Visible Light, Infra-Red, UVA and UVB. Basically which means it provides the much needed sun protection.

Soleil Defense Cream (Gel Creme)
Soleil Defense Cream (Gel Creme)
Dermafique Soleil Defense Cream
Soleil Defense Cream Sunscreen

They have two variants available. First being Soleil Defense Cream (All Matte) for normal to oily skin type, is fragrance free and is priced INR 979.

Their second sunscreen is Soleil Defense (Gel Creme) for all skin types, has mild fragrance and is priced INR 749.

What I like about these sunscreens is, besides complete protection, their texture is smooth and literally glides over the skin. Neither of the formulas leave behind white casts which a lot of sunscreens have been known to do. They are moisturising and dewy in application which is another major plus for me. I can see Soleil Defense being my go to sunscreen. 

Dermafique Soleil Defense Cream

So, are you someone who doesn’t apply sunscreen regularly I hope I have inspired you enough to apply sunscreen regularly. I have tried to lay down the facts for why you should.

These Sunscreens are available here if you would like to try these out.

Until then ciao from the sunscreen police!

A disclaimer, these sunscreens were sent to me by the brand to try them out but the opinion of the products is entirely mine

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3 Street Style Trends I Saw When I went to Thailand

I went to Thailand for the first time last month  and boy it sure is a beautiful country and I need to go explore more of it. Thailand is also famous for its beautiful beaches , food and fashion. Bangkok is famous for shopping for most budgets . I didn’t play a typical tourist instead soaked in the vibes and walked the streets to experience the local street culture and the street style. I couldn’t help notice certain trends that were cool and amazing on the streets and can be an inspiration for your streetstyle.

Trend 1 : White T-Shirt Many Ways

Thai girls sure knew how to make one basic wardrobe work in more ways than one making that one piece of clothing versatile and definitely sustainable and If you are following my blog you would know how much I like to wear one garment many ways. I noticed that they styled the basic white tee with pretty much everything you name. They had teamed it with their skirts, jeans , Under their dresses , with their shorts , layered the tee , wore it like a dress . So if you have ditched your basic white tee for a while time to get it out of the pile and start having fun with it.

Trend 2: Dad Sneakers

There was a time when daddies wore these big sneakers that weren’t a fashion turn on but these have made a major fashion comeback and  the Thai are just sporting it in style. Dad Sneakers 2.0 are statement and almost a wardrobe must have if you love the idea of wearing the shoes that everyone notices. I saw this trend being sported everywhere there and boy I sure was noticing all those shoes. A fashion Must have this season is definitely the Dad sneakers ….

Trend 3. Mom Jeans

The high waisted mom jeans had a major street cred in terms of style in Thailand , In-fact the white tee, dad sneakers and Mom jeans were a major thing together . And if you haven’t tried this denim style yet , be inspired by the Thai to give it a try ,for I definitely give it a Thumbs Up . This style is here to stay and was fashionable back in time and has made a fashionable comeback . It should take your street style game a notch up

Isn’t it funny and ironic both that mom and dad styles are high on fashion meter.  Just saying !!!

Picture Credit Google

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