3 Street Style Trends I Saw When I went to Thailand

I went to Thailand for the first time last month  and boy it sure is a beautiful country and I need to go explore more of it. Thailand is also famous for its beautiful beaches , food and fashion. Bangkok is famous for shopping for most budgets . I didn’t play a typical tourist instead soaked in the vibes and walked the streets to experience the local street culture and the street style. I couldn’t help notice certain trends that were cool and amazing on the streets and can be an inspiration for your streetstyle.

Trend 1 : White T-Shirt Many Ways

Thai girls sure knew how to make one basic wardrobe work in more ways than one making that one piece of clothing versatile and definitely sustainable and If you are following my blog you would know how much I like to wear one garment many ways. I noticed that they styled the basic white tee with pretty much everything you name. They had teamed it with their skirts, jeans , Under their dresses , with their shorts , layered the tee , wore it like a dress . So if you have ditched your basic white tee for a while time to get it out of the pile and start having fun with it.

Trend 2: Dad Sneakers

There was a time when daddies wore these big sneakers that weren’t a fashion turn on but these have made a major fashion comeback and  the Thai are just sporting it in style. Dad Sneakers 2.0 are statement and almost a wardrobe must have if you love the idea of wearing the shoes that everyone notices. I saw this trend being sported everywhere there and boy I sure was noticing all those shoes. A fashion Must have this season is definitely the Dad sneakers ….

Trend 3. Mom Jeans

The high waisted mom jeans had a major street cred in terms of style in Thailand , In-fact the white tee, dad sneakers and Mom jeans were a major thing together . And if you haven’t tried this denim style yet , be inspired by the Thai to give it a try ,for I definitely give it a Thumbs Up . This style is here to stay and was fashionable back in time and has made a fashionable comeback . It should take your street style game a notch up

Isn’t it funny and ironic both that mom and dad styles are high on fashion meter.  Just saying !!!

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Simple DIY Easy Pedicure

I majorly have clean feet but dead skin is something which no cream or a lotion is going to help you with . I keep busy and finding time for salon visit is a luxury , I guess a lot of you would resonate with it. We all lead hectic lives snd self care sometimes takes a back seat especially when it comes to feet.

What if I told you that you can pretty much get relief from dead skin of your feet without going to a salon for a pedicure regularly.

I had been looking up online for DIY Pedicures and found a particular way which took my fancy. The ingredients required were in my house and I didn’t have to first buy stuff and then try it out , that for me is a major downer because then it just remains a plan that I plan to execute sometime and that sometimes is sometimes forever. So I gave it a try and it was so good that I tried it again and again . Then shared it with all my friends and when they tried it they were so happy. So I now wanted to share it with you all.

All you need is a bucket or anything that you can dip your feet in , warm water just till the ankle , a capful of blue Listerine (Listerine cover cap) and a capful of White Vinegar (yes the one we all have in our kitchen). Pour Listerine and Vinegar in the water and get a nice book to read, or make that call you have wanting to make or put on your favourite show binge on Netflix….just giving you ideas to chill while your feet get ready to be baby soft again….yes you heard me right baby soft….



Dip your feet in this solution and wait for approx 15-20 Mins. Take one foot out first and wipe it with towel. Take a foot scrapper and start scraping the dead skin off, the dead skin comes off so conveniently . First use the coarse side of the foot scrapper and then the less coarser side to smoothen it all. Be careful to not over do it. Repeat the same on the other foot. Voila you have your soft feet back.

What I also do is keep an old tooth brush / nail brush handy and also brush the nails clean, to complete the pedicured feet effect. Apply your favourite lotion and it’s done, just like that. Let me know how it worked for you.

Picture Courtesy : GOOGLE

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