True Roots Botanical oil – Delay Early Greying

Life of a blogger also means being privy to new product launches and this one was about something really exciting . It is a Botanical Tonic that delays greying, amazing isn’t it. Let me tell you how….

Spotting that first strand of grey hair is really not a sight we all want to have. From experimenting with many styles to flaunt our healthy and ever-so-good hair, we find ourselves trying to hide those few greys. While we don’t mind carrying that uber-cool salt-and-pepper look sometimes, but that’s not the every-day look we want to have, right? That one single silver strand can be intimidating sometimes, as it opens up a new chapter telling us that our greying-phase is about to begin. And in all of this frenzy, we have so many unanswered questions- Will they go away with time? Or will they increase beyond my control? Is it in my genes? Or is my lack of work-life balance the cause?

Natural Reasons for greying

Greying of hair is natural with age, but when hair starts greying early we often wonder why? Thankfully science has the answer and now Marico’s True Roots offers a solution to delay hair greying from the roots. Greying of hair is caused due to decreasing levels of melanin in the hair roots. Melanin is a natural pigment, which gives hair its dark colour. Marico’s True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic, is a first-of-its kind innovation, that works by increasing the melanin levels in the hair roots and thereby delays hair greying. It is formulated with Apigenin, an extract of chamomile flowers and powerful botanical actives that increase the melanin levels in the hair roots.

Other reasons for early greying:

Some blame the grey on genetics but that’s not the only reason- not following a proper diet, irregular sleeping habits, work or personal stress, pollution, lifestyle habits, hair coloring at an early age, etc. But the main reason we start greying is because of melanin depletion in roots. Melanin is a pigment that each hair follicle has, and it gives hair its color. As we age, our scalp produces less pigment, resulting in whitening from the roots. In such cases we call it premature greying, which means you start greying when it really is not your age to grey.


On of the key ingredient of the formula is Chamomile flower which makes for a fantastic hair colorant especially for the Indian hair types. It contains a pigment called apigenin, which helps in producing melanin that in return gives hair its natural colour.


The Launch Event 

true roots botanical oil

Radhika Apte, who happens to me one of my favourite actors , launched Marico’s newest brand ‘True Roots’, that delays hair greying from the roots. True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic is dermatologically tested and is clinically proven to show no new greys in 90 days. The actor, who is known for her choice of diverse roles, and speaking her mind, spoke about the #FaceItSolveIt philosophy of True Roots, while launching it here at an event today.


True Roots has been launched on Flipkart as a first digital brand and you can buy it here

true roots botanical oil

Marico’s newest brand, ‘True Roots’ is a powerful botanical hair tonic which delays hair greying from the roots. Greying of hair is caused due to decreasing levels of melanin in the hair roots. Melanin is a natural pigment which gives hair its natural dark color. True Roots botanical hair tonic is formulated with powerful botanical actives and Apigenin (which is a natural extract from chamomile flowers), to increase melanin levels in your hair roots in a natural way to delay greying. True Roots is dermatologically tested and clinically proven to show no new greys in 90 days.

true root botanical oil

True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic comes in an innovative spray format that makes everyday application convenient. It is aqua based, non-sticky and fits in perfectly with the lifestyle.

Let me know if try it too.






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Himalaya Youth Eternity Range : Review

Hello my lovelies , are you taking enough care of your skin ? You may or may not be devoting a lot of time to skin care but we all definitely want a healthy and fresh looking Skin. Our Lifestyles , Stress, Pollution and Sun result in not so vibrant looking skin and sometimes even dull, tired and pigmented skin.

Leading Dermatologists say that we need to start taking care of our skin early on . Besides healthy diet , exercising and enough water intake  we also need to  start using some anti ageing skin product starting from around  age mid twenties to replenish our skins and making sure it keeps looking fresh and young for a long long time.

I was invited to the launch of Himalaya Youth Eternity range, where they launched  Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream, Youth Eternity Night Cream and Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream. I was given their new range to try .

Let me begin with telling you about the products in detail and then I shall share my experience of using it for last 20 days with you .

The Himalaya Youth Eternity Range has been formulated from nature’s youth preserving ingredients and have been specially formulated using stem cells from the Edelweiss Plant. The stem cells are combined with herbal active extracts of flowers like Rose Myrtle, Fire Flame Bush, Woodfordia and Cipadessia Baccifera, that hydrate and regenerate skin.

The Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream The Day Cream is light, non-greasy, fast-absorbing and consists of a powerful blend of botanical extracts that reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and re-plump your skin, leaving it looking healthier and younger.

The Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream is a special blend of Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells, Woodfordia, Rose Myrtle, Cipadessa and Apple, rich in powerful antioxidants and polyphenols. The Night Cream works overnight to provide intense hydration, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin even-toned, healthy and visibly youthful.

The Himalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and is a blend of ingredients like Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells, Woodfordia, Rose Myrtle, Cipadessa and Amla. The under-eye cream gently nourishes and hydrates the tender skin around your eyes, leaving it remarkably bright, healthy and youthful.

I have been using The Himalaya Youth Eternity Day cream, Youth Eternity Night Cream and Youth Eternity under Eye Cream for past 20 days now.  Let me begin with my first experience of the product.

Both the day and night cream come in pump jars and eye cream in a tube, what impressed me first was that one pump dispenses just the right amount of product required, not more not less.

I tried the day cream first , The texture on first impression was like a cold cream but when I applied it on my face it felt very light and quickly blended in my skin . It has a distinct fragrance which also doesn’t last more than a few seconds upon applying. It is light on skin and you feel immediately moisturised without looking oily. which is good. Himalaya Youth Eternity Day cream  also has SPF 15 for protection from the sun.

Ditto is the case with the night Cream in terms of feel and texture. The difference between Night and Day Cream is the ingredients and the how they work on the skin. Himalaya Youth Eternity Night cream nourishes and repairs skin while we are off to a goodnight sleep  and deeply nourishing.

After using them for past 20 days , I can say that both the day and the night cream have been effective. My skin feels hydrated and moisturised considering i had been undergoing a bout of dry skin I would definitely give a thumbs for that. I feel regular use would would yield even more effective results.


Apparently under Eye Creams are ideally supposed to be used at night but I have been using Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream at both day and night.

I have a combination skin and for the first time ever my skin had been feeling unusually dry even around my eyes. The night Cream comes in a tube with a thin nozzle, again a press dispenses enough quantity. I have been using it on my eyelids and on my under eye ares.  It’s non greasy and moisturising. I can see its already effective and has nourishing properties . I would suggest prolonged use for long lasting results.


It’s  definitely a thumbs up from me for The Himalaya Youth Eternity Range and I also find the range value for money.

#PreserveYouthfulSkin #PreserveYouth








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