6 Instant ways to dress like you have dropped a dress size…….

Optical illusion is just not one of the things we studied in science classes, if  we put it to use correctly  we can create an illusion of having dropped a dress size, when applied to dressing right…..and it is fairly doable….let me take you through a super quick rundown of some simple to Dos and Dont’s…. and voila you can drop a size by just dressing up right….. try them and let me know  how it works for you…

Foremost Invest in the Right Lingerie…( looking good starts inside out… a well fitted lingerie can take your dress size a notch down…)

2 Ditch the 3 Quarter Length Pants/Jeans/Leggings/Jeggings (pssst.. this length makes you look shorter too…!!!)

3 Bye Bye BIG PRINTS (…voila a size smaller you !!)

4 Love the Colour BLACK (cliched but true…nothing slims you like wearing black...)

5 Always Wear clothes that FIT you properly (oversized clothes just make you look bigger than you actually are...)

6 CINCH your waist with a SKINNY BELT they define the waist in a very flattering way… avoid broad belts though!!)

You may hate to wear the colour black or need help with finding the prints that work for you… need more tips…..I m right here…I m your STYLE DOCTOR after all…

Send me pictures of any garment/s in your closet that needs a twist on how to wear better and I will fix that for you…


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